Aug 21, 2006

thats not just David Filo and Jerry Yang's expression of joy for now. And da reason? Rahul's on Blogspot toooooooo!!! 3 Cheers Dude.Later's better than never & maybe its high time you started writing one of your own lest you open your mouth agape the next time another of your friend asks you to check out his blog and post comments.Alas! who doesn't like being conspicuous and stirring a bit of controversy?There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about,and that is not being talked about.

So where do we begin?with not-so-many eventful things going around life's kinda in a Stalemate with a revival not-so-nearby.Though that
doesn't really mean I'm gonna quit ORKUTting(or changing my captions for that matter) or freaking around,it leaves me in awe as to what life's all about and why certain things in life are sooooo unpredictably out of hands.Maybe thats what life's all abt.If you're wondering why I'm so pissed off with life you may call me if you've got my number or wait for me to call u(obviously if I've got ur no.!)Coming to the brighter things in life the minors aren't going to be this week as xpected.(they're postponed to nex week aammof)Isn't that what you call an Oasis in the midst of the Desert?Miles to go before I sleep & Miles to go before I sleep.

While the resolutions made @ the start of the sem hardly seem to be anything in comparison to the actual picture,another gloomy season doesn't seem too far from where I stand right now.And maybe jutting down these things might act as an active conscience reminding me of things to be done,targets to be reached,goals to be set,responsibilities to be fulfilled and efforts to be put in.(believe me,listening to Westlife and typing this @ 4:30 in da night isn't as much fun as you might be thinking)Don't really remember da last time I was really Happy and content with myself.Maybe the root of all unhappiness lies in sowing the seeds of discord within ourselves,not content with what we have,fuelled by the urge and anxiety to overperform exponentially,fanned by parential anxiety abt da most beloved but coveted and misunnderstood child.And maybe life's not all about roses 'n' wine.Its jus abt taking what you want and giving what you can.Circumstances are bullshit & this' where comes my fav. quote "The ones who get on in this world are those who get up and look for the opportunities they want and if they can't find them,they make them".Bah its already 5:30 in da morn and feeling sleepy(above all got class @ 8)so lemme end my first blog with another of my
fav. quotes forget alone abt continuing da philosophy(i'll be blogging da same things time and again as will be come to known)

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.Cya again dear palanthir.