Jun 30, 2008

A Book better left on the Bookshelf

The Vorpal Blade
The Vorpal Blade by Colin Forbes

My review

rating: 2 of 5 stars

Slow-paced and outrageously, outrightly boring, in it's best pages the book can be dubbed average. All we come across in the book are people indulging themselves in excessive Double Scotch and Coffee all along; a pathetic reporter who pops out of any wall or any table for that matter at the turn of every conversation, the deputy director of SIS moving around with a bunch of hillbillies and relying on dreams and psychosis experts to guess the murderer; a detective who showers at every possible opportunity and pokes her nose around every conversation in town, unfortunately for the reader, solving the complicated case by drinking gallons of Tea, Coffee, Water and Chardonnay alone. Too many loose ends and flaws in the plot, The Vorpal Blade certainly isn't the better of Colin's works. The only reason I had to complete the book is to write my first book review on Goodreads.

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