Apr 2, 2008

Hello Entrecarders

Hello Entrecard friends, please care to spare a minute or two for me, I'd like to have a word with you.
For the past 10-11 days I've been pretty seriously dropping 300 cards everyday, and to read atleast 1/3rd of the articles and yet promote my new site( and second entrecard) hardly leaves me any time to manage or modify my dropping list. Sorry to all those who've been consistently dropping on me and yet aren't getting any return drops; as I said I was busy what with end labs approaching and all that. So I thought better of it today and started writing this post, for the same reason I've changed the place of my widget, hoping that powerdroppers may find this post in the pursuit of my widget.

Those who have remained my regular droppers but haven't been getting my drop/blog watch in return kindly comment at the end of this post, giving me your entrecard url and your blog url. I promise you I'll add you to my dropping list within 3 hours. You can as well mail me or message me on the Entrecard in-house message system; I'll act promptly. Thanx for being a loyal dropper.


fragileheart said...

Hey, hope you get some free time soon (for yourself that is)


3POINT8 said...

If possible, I would like to be included in the list too.
My site here @ 3POINT8.

Shen said...

Could you include the following:




I always reciprocate all drops.

Personal Finance Management Guide said...

I one of your regular dropper. Please include my blog to your dropping list. Thanks!


Sherry said...


my blog.

Remi said...




Hi, I'm Jeremy said...


I'll be dropping by regularly too :)

­ said...

hey dear ....



see ya ...