Apr 1, 2008

Killer Bear? I'm just a big teddy, really!

(article originally published in the newspaper Dailymail )

It was a chance encounter that could have ended with flying fur and bloodshed in the snow.

Wildlife photographer Norbert Rosing was taking pictures of a team of huskies in Canada's frozen north when a polar bear gatecrashed the party.

Along with dog handler Brian Ladoon, Mr Rosing watched helplessly as the bear and one of the dogs approached each other.

1 - This floe ain't big enough for the both of us: The bear gives the husky a stare that says beware

2 - Watch out, I'm a southpaw: The dog cowers as his adversary threatens to land a knockout blow

3 - On second thoughts, you're not so bad: A nuzzle with the muzzle clinches the peace deal

4 - Go on, give me a (bear) hug: The new friends enjoy a cuddle

5 - If I lie here long enough I might even get a tickle on the tummy: The bear is playful, the husky is a little bemused and the handler (out of shot) is extremely relieved


Sagar Patel said...

Really a nice story. Love the pics!