Jan 3, 2008

Best of 2007 Part I

The Music That Was...............

Though the year 2007 had been a disappointing one for the Tollywood movie enthusiasts,with so many a Mega-Budget venture falling flat at the box-office, the same isn't exactly true for the Music lovers though. Similar to the case with the movies,2007 marked an year of gargantuan growth for small-time to less-than Highest paid music directors. Harris Jayaraj, who already made a mark in Telugu with Cheli,Gharshana,Vaasu & Ghajini had been having a wonderful time with a straight hit(Munna) & 2 dubbed hits Neevalle Neevalle,Raghavan. Though Rahman's work in Sivaji & Nuvvu Nenu Prema is commendable, it's not really upto the mark,what with charging a mammoth fee of Rs.7 crore(you read it right,that's his price tag now a days) for a movie like Nuvvu Nenu Prema which can just boast of 2 beautiful songs(Though both are extraordinary,). His fans wonder whether the best of Rahman is a thing of the past. The regular biggies Mani Sharma,Keeravani,Koti seem to be running out of copied tunes of late(Let's wish them better luck in 2008,God show them more English,Arabic,German & Celtic tunes that go un-noticed when re-created). Devi Sri Prasad has done a fine job in Aata and Shankardada Zindabad, only that his music could not save the fate of the second re-made installment of Munnabhai(God knows how many more are gonna be re-made Amen!..)

The man who stole the whole show is undoubtedly-unanimously(if there's any such adjective)Mickey J Meyer,the Graduate from Trinity College Of Music, London also coincidently the third Music Director down South to have completed the coveted 7- year course after Maestro Ilaiyaraja & Godly A.R.Rahman. Though nobody seemed to notice his presence as music director in the award-winning feature Pothe-Poni(featuring Sindhu Tolani,Siva Balaji(2005),I wonder how many even noticed the presence of the film,),his beautiful scores for the movie Xth Class did turn some heads.When he began 2007 with another small time feature Notebook,his track Ee Galilo,more soothing than any balm ever known, had taken passionate music lovers by storm, not a wonder that his next album Happy Days had released to the much-awaited anticipation of a new genre of music lovers(add to that the Elegance & Finesse of Shekar Kammula and you know too,now even better why it was an album worth waiting for,one I was forced to buy the original rather than download).For us to remember, in time to come, let me summarize some of the songs we loved hearing to time and again in 2007.

Clicking on the links will allow you to save the songs directly to your Hard Disk(just in case you don't happen to have some of them)

1.Evvaru Nuvvu - Rajubhai Music:- Yuvan Shankar Raja

2.Sahara Poovai Poocheno - Sivaji Music:- A.R.Rahman

3.Hoyna - Aata Music:- Devi Sri Prasad

4.Bhoogolomantha - Shankardada Zindabad Music :- Devi Sri Prasad

5.Happy Days(Rock) - You-Know-What Music :- Mickey J Meyer

6.Happy Days - You-Know-What Music :- Mickey J Meyer

7.Aata - Aata Music :- Devi Sri Prasad

8.Aakasha Ganga - Vaana Music :- Kamalakar

9.Ora Kannulatho - Deva Music :- Yuvan Shankar Raja

10.Sahana Shwaase - Sivaji Music :- A.R.Rahman

11.Ye Cheekati/Sayonara - Happy Days Music :- Mickey J Meyer

12.Disturb Cheyyaku - Athidhi Music :- Mani Sharma

13.Vaisakha Vennela - Neevalle Neevalle Music :- Harris Jayaraj

14.Gudilo Devudu - Lakshyam Music :- Mani Sharma

15.Newyork Nagaram - Nuvvu Nenu Prema Music :- A.R.Rahman

16.Preminche Prema - Nuvvu Nenu Prema Music :- A.R.Rahman

17.Manasa Nuvvunde Chotu - Munna Music :- Harris Jayaraj

18.June Pothe - Neevalle Neevalle Music :- Harris Jayaraj

19.Neevalle Neevalle - Neevalle Neevalle Music :- Harris Jayaraj

20.Modaleenadu - Neevalle Neevalle Music :- Harris Jayaraj

21.Vennelave Vendi - Raghavan Music :- Harris Jayaraj

22.Hrudayame - Raghavan Music :- Harris Jayaraj

23.Ee Galilo - Notebook Music :- Mickey J Meyer

24.Choosa Choosa - Nava Vasantham Music :- S.A.Raj Kumar

25.Kanya Raasi - Dubai Seenu Music :- Mani Sharma

First things first,I hope no one out there is ready to pick a fight with me for not including/over-looking their favourite tracks.Let me clarify that this is a track-listing compiled purely by me the ONLY source of which is My itunes library play count.And yeah, I do have to admit that when I began, I thought over of a Top-10,which later breached the 15-mark and then the 20-mark but at 25 I had to call a halt.Also, I won't deny the fact that there are quite some others who are good enough to stay in this list,but have been removed for the sake of convenience,like Happy Days for instance,whose other 4 Tracks are as much in the Top - 25(and the songs now stand at 5th and 6th places only after I'd reset their play count when they touched 120-higher than any other song) but have been omitted with the exception of the 3 I love moost, to make way for the others.Among other such ommisions is also Neevalle Neevalle whose every song vies with the others for a place here(again the same logic applied dude).If anyone still feels there are some songs seriously left out you may well IM me or leave your comment about the track,which may well be incorporated in a list of Don't Miss Me Too tracks later as a follow-up to this post.

P.S. Password for some of the rar files www.doregama.com


Rohit,VA said...

Nice one brother, much better than the stupid polls they conduct on the television; nice selection & some of them are absolute rockers!!

Suhaas said...

Your collection is gud but some of the linx r not workin???? Why cant u host on mediafire/sendspace?

Anonymous said...

Great List, I have a similar list on my blog.