Jan 2, 2008

A Goal, A Platform

The other day I was checking out a IIIrd year guy Gaurav from my college whose blog was a miniature all-in-all ranging from Google Adsense ads for children to cracked softwares and guides to hacking, not to mention a whole arsenal of multimedia tools and download links for at least 500 videos,mp3s and movies. Well if someone could, why not me? Why not at least try? Given the rich wealth of information,gaming & entertainment available on the net,with the advent of new advertising solutions and thanks to a mushrooming multitude of site-promoting tactics,we often end up browsing hours on an end and still finding ourselves not far away from where we actually started(Be grateful if you hadn't had to spend half the time closing pop-ups!),only God knows whether what you end up in the end is EXACTLY what you wanted in the beginning.Forgive my penchant for loong sentences.As it appears,those who know where to find what hardly tend to share the info with others for reason no one knows but only one everyone can guess;Hey kiddos stop being so snobbish,it's not a classroom you're in where helping someone understand a problem may increase his chance of beating you in the Term papers.

If you're still wondering what this' all about may be you should go back & re-read the whole paragraph.So I've started this blog to educate people about all things related to Computers & Internet(That i know of,obviously),share links,gossip,reviews,latest forums and to act as a platform for mutual benefit of all.Hope I made myself clearer than Miruvor(What???).Regarding the other end I expect a very honest feedback from readers as to the content or the style in which the blog is presented.Apart from that you guyz can come up with suggestions yourself,request links to be placed in the blog,who knows someday we may have viewership enough to even promote links and websites!!You may comment openly in the blog or scrap me on Orkut or IM me on Google/Yahoo (rahuliit2003).

And that's for now,hoping to see you soon enough with the planned series "Best of 2007".

BBye Cya again dear palanthir.