Jan 8, 2008

An evening with Nikhil & Gaurav......Today I attended in NSH(New Seminar Hall,NITW lingo) what could have easily been one of the best shows by far organized by any club this academic year. So "An Evening With" need not be me alone meeting the guys personally does it? Anyways for those guys(I'm not a chauvinist mind you,even the gals are welcome) who missed out on the show/seminar/presentation whatever you chose to call it, I've decided to summarise a few of the points that I managed to jot down in the Hall(Me?Taking Points??Rahul what has the world come to???). Sorry when I mentioned guys n gals who missed out on the show I should have included those like our poor dear Venki who having felt sleepy at the delay in the beginning of the show, left the Hall for some errand mooore important. Anyways without any delay...............

If you can Mail, you can BLOG too

No one could have put it easier than this. Before I go any further I'd like to Thank Gaurav Sharma(IInd year Chem), Nikhil Monga(or simply Monga,he prefers but I don't know his year n branch) for the superb show this evening & the time they'd spent to educate lesser fortunate souls @ NITW. Also, I'd like to thank Aditya Kurella(old time pal & branch-mate of mine) & the Entrepreneurship club for organising a nice show, not to mention the Munch he threw at me for answering a question.3 Cheers the Three of you. So, broadly speaking the different kinds of blogs are

1. Personal Blogging (Like the one you're reding now, like the one your friend writes out of boredom or to reach out to people & let them know the "REAL YOU")

2.News Filtering & gathering Opinions (Like in a consumer-forum blog where new things are reviewed & people share their personal feedback on the subject under discussion or as in many-a-blog used as a portal for uniting people to common-interest based Feeds n News)

3.Blogs for Institutions (Like the ones we have for a Branch,a Hobby Club, The TnP section, The NITW unofficial blog maintained by Gaurav himself etc..

4.Topic - Oriented Blogs ( I don't remember whether the two elaborated on this but I'll take a hit at this one; Blogs which have a fixed content and/or theme, containing info and news about a particular genre are supposed to fall in this category. There again blogs like the one on Orkut tricks, ADsense, another Blog on Hacking by Gaurav may be cited as examples)

5.Blogs for Academicians (I can't tell you what these blogs are like as I've never been myself anywhere near them; Ain't net meant to be a fun thing and a TP? why waste your time reading academician blogs about their accomplishments, currently on-going projects or requesting them for some XYZ source codes or so?).

P.S. Trust me final year EEE gals will have more to tell in this regard than me.

Sorry I can't go on more than this tonight. Already I'd munched 3 loaves of bread in a deliberate attempt to keep myself awake. I promise you I'd finish in tomorrow's blog what I started today and myself to finish the unfinished task of sending a friend request to Monga on Orkut(coz I already added Gaurav;did you notice that This' not the first time I mentioned Gaurav's blog btw?)

Follow this space tomorrow for the completed transcript but in the meanwhile you can consider attending tomorrow's programme on Stock Market same time(5:00 pm) same venue (NSH) organised by the same people (Kurella aka Entrepreneurship Club). For the better version of the show, you'd do better to catch one of those guys live at Nescafe(Gaurav said that didn't he?) at your expense that is, to say..


Gaurav Sharma said...

thanks alot for liking our lec in NSH...keeep blogging dude!!!