Jan 24, 2008

Shauk Hai.mp3

I'm back again after what seemed quite a long haul since the last post. Sorry for not concluding the last blog about the evening with Nikhil & Gaurav. Alas, how can I when just within two hours from posting the previous blog my Google AdSense account had been suspended, a subsequent explanation has been rejected not to mention the $ 117 cheque that had been cancelled outrightly without any reason mentioned. But of course, Google Team needn't mention the reason as I more than knew it myself and was expectant of the turn of events. The whole chain of events only, better than before re-imprinted Google's principles in my mind..


So for those of you who're unaware of the episode lemme share it with you(Hehe, ain't prattling one of my fav. pastimes?); Also to dissuade anyone with ideas of doing the same mistake in the future, I'm posting the screenshots of the 4 days. It all began sometime around maybe Nov. 2007 or so when I got myself an AdSense account for my blog that you're reading now. After pasting the code in the template ads were being displayed on my blog everyday but no clicks were recorded(though I guess the only clicks would've been Mahi's(ma cousin) whom I persuaded to read my blog so many times) as I hadn't yet removed the hold on my account by declaring the non-holding of any job and/or any other property that falls under the jurisdication of the US federal government which is capable of generating any revenues(As, in such a case I'd have to submit my income returns, Google being a US company). On the 2nd of January'08 , I happened to un-intentionally click on the button "Remove Hold" in my AdSense account and in the process fill a simple form stating that I do not possess any job/property in the US, thereby releasing the hold on my account. With the hold removed, $3 had been credited in the account for the previous clicks that had not been accounted at that time. Making $3 out of just 17 clicks is fun isn't it? so it started, with me disconnecting my modem every once in a while(as my ip is dynamic & smart enough I thought that I was, Google could not trace me,only to be proved otherwise in the end,) and clicking on my own Google Ads. So far so good isn't it? I went on clicking my own ads until I made $ 100 in just under 4 days(Here,let me tell you I didn't really intend to go on clicking my ads forever,I was thinking of writing more and quality blogs in the future, Honestly).When I searched on the net for means by which Google can identify fraudulent clicks, not many results turned up and even among those, no one apart from Google's employees seemed to know how the real algorithm worked. This was when I seemed to think my luck would run out soon enough once the idea crept into my mind that Google may not actually analyse everyone's clicks unless there was real reason to(You got me right, why does he have to analyse a million clicks everyday, when he's only gonna pay those who cross the $100 least pay-out mark?).So it happened that the next day after I'd crossed the mark, I got a message that said "gotcha" and everything stopped at once, the ads, the account everything. Naive wasn't I ? to think that Google would be fooled into paying me $100 for a blog that hardly has 8 posts till date. One of the easiest ways in which they could've tracked me is by tracking MAC addresses( What they are will have to wait for a future post), which are unique to any PC in the world, so there's only one pc like mine if you know how to get my MAC address. Considering the ease with which 612 KB softwares like Netscan can collect the MAC addresses of all PCs in a Local Area Network (LAN), wouldn't it be child's play for a Giant like Google?

So, the moral of the day that we forgot loooooooooon ago having learned as a child?


there again,Be Patient,Don't be evil

An appeal to re-instate my account had been rejected and the truth is that I'll never again be able to get an account on AdSense. It doesn't matter any more and my blogs are here to stay. From now on each blog will carry atleast one cool mp3/video link for guys like myself out there. Hope you enjoy your time spent reading this blog. As I said before comments and suggestions are most welcome.