Mar 16, 2008

An Open Letter to Pixar

-Posted by Mrs. Woobie from Manila, on her blog

Dear Pixar Studios,

Is there a way for parents worldwide to petition for the release of a Cars sequel? If there is, I will be at the spear head, rallying for parents to sign the petition. They will sign for sure, I will make them.

See, my son developed an unhealthy addiction towards this movie and insists on watching it at least once every day. I have by now memorized each and every dialogue, including the pauses. I can hear the soundtrack in my mind. I have accepted that for the next year or so, I will be spending a lot on Cars merchandise and toys. These aren't bad things, but if you can, please create a sequel so that I may listen to something new.

Your movie is a classic, and I love it.

Desperately yours,
Mom of a 2-year-old Cars Fanatic.