Mar 24, 2008

Sorry for the delay in declaring the winning posts of the first weekly 1000 EC contest

Forgiving me as you are certainly gonna do, you'd be pretty impressed to know that the first contest saw more than anticipated response, with 16 posts vying for the first place, sent by 14 people( yeah, 2 of them sent 2 entries each). I barely realized till this evening how difficult it is to judge the Top 3( and that's just in a swarm of a mere 16 entries!). Difficult it is, yet I had to go ahead accordingly and decide who're gonna be the top 3. So the Top 3 bloggers of the first weekly 1000 EC contest for the week 17th-23rd of March are:

3) Sly Hoax

The three blogs shall be awarded 500, 300, 200 Entre Credits respectively. Along with that, the winning posts shall be showcased in this space on Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday of the week when the results are announced. Once again, Congratulations to all the three winners. Looking forward to more participants from this week onwards. Enjoy the best blog of the week today.